Pall, Kaneka Partner for Chromatography Sorbent

Pall Corporation, a provider of filtration, separation and purification products and services, has signed an agreement for Kaneka KanCapA, a Protein A (PrA) chromatography sorbent from Kaneka Corporation, Japan for the primary capture of monoclonal antibodies from clarified cell culture. Kaneka KanCapA enables the high productivity affinity capture of monoclonal antibodies and related biomolecules using a proprietary alkali stable rPrA ligand. The sorbent will be supplied in a range of pre-packed columns and high throughput screening tools, as well as in bulk for use in the industry leading Resolute AutoPak columns.

Key features of Kaneka KanCapA, which is manufactured in Japan, are its high dynamic binding capacity, good flow performance, and optimal alkali stability for reuse for both batch and continuous chromatography, according toi information from Pall

.The introduction of Kaneka KanCapA expands the portfolio of continuous bioprocessing and chromatography products offered by Pall, which recently announced the acquisition of the BioSMB multicolumn continuous chromatography platform from Tarpon Biosystems, and the licensing of acoustic wave separation (AWS) technology from FloDesign Sonics.

Pall plans to introduce a single-use product line including AWS and BioSMB technologies for the purification of biological from cell culture at both bench scale and GMP scale to match pilot and production bioreactor volumes for a wide range of cell densities.

Source: Pall Corporation

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