Pall Launches New Biotech Business Unit

Pall Corporation, a provider of filtration, separation and purification products and services, has named a new business unit, Pall Biotech, within the Pall Life Sciences Division to focus on end-to-end drug manufacturing models for all development processes.

“As the lines between the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors continue to merge, our commitment is stronger than ever to develop and deliver end-to-end capabilities with cutting-edge technologies and services,” said Mario Philips, vice president and general manager of Pall Biotech, in a company statement. “The name Pall Biotech reflects a more focused approach to serving these high-growth market segments. It also reflects our dedication to reducing costs while increasing efficiency and quality, for today’s developer of sensitive biologic products, including mAbs [monoclonal antibodies], recombinant proteins, viral vaccines, and cell and gene therapies.”

The Pall Biotech portfolio contains standard configurable single-use, stainless steel, and hybrid technologies for fed-batch and continuous processes across upstream, downstream, and formulation and filling applications.

The update in name will not impact current or prospective company operations. 

Source: Pall Corporation

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