PCI Pharma Expands Highly Potent Drug-Product Capabilities

PCI Pharma Services, a pharmaceutical contract service provider, is investing in micro-dosing for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients using Xcelodose 600S technology at its center of excellence for contained manufacturing in Tredegar, UK.

Xcelodose technology offers a drug-in-capsule process, which removes the need for initial formulation/analytical development and associated stability testing. In 2010, PCI invested in Xcelodose 120S technology, a semi-automated system to provide early-stage clinical supplies.

The Xcelodose 600S technology has a PCI-designed Xceloprotect containment system for managing highly potent molecules. The levels of containment provide occupational exposure limits as low as 0.1 micrograms per cubic meter over an eight-hour time-weighted average.

Source: PCI Pharma Services


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