PCI’s Biotec Services Completes Expansion

Biotec Services International has completed validation of its latest clinical supply facility expansion. The expansion adds almost 50% to the company's clinical trial packaging, storage, and distribution capacity. Biotec has increased refrigerated storage and packaging capacity by over 400%, and more than doubled their capacity to handle and store cell therapies and other advanced medicinal products. Furthermore, the company has acquired additional land adjacent to its current site for future capacity and capability expansions.

In addition to the increased capacity, Biotec has also invested in enhancements to their existing operational facilities. For example, by implementing sliding walls between some of their smaller packaging rooms, Biotec is now able to scale up room size to accommodate larger equipment, such as automated labelling lines. This capability further enhances the company's ability to manage a pipeline of Phase III projects.

In September 2014, Biotec was acquired by Packaging Coordinators Inc. (PCI), a provider of drug development services. Featuring 16 cGMP manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution facilities, PCI is investing in solutions , such as temperature-controlled packaging and distribution. The acquisition of Biotec Services and the completion of the Bridgend expansion are part of PCI's ongoing investment in clinical trial supply services. The Biotec site, which specializes in the management of temperature-sensitive products, has expertise in handling products at temperatures ranging from +25 ºC down to -196 ºC.


Source: Packaging Coordinators Inc.

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