Pfizer Acquires Amplyx Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer has acquired Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, a San Diego, California-based biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for people with compromised immune systems susceptible to fungal infections. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Amplyx’s lead compound is fosmanogepix, which is in Phase II development for treating invasive fungal infections caused by molds, yeasts, and rare molds. Fosmanogepix, which is being developed in intravenous and oral formulations, has shown broad-spectrum activity in-vitro and has shown wide distribution to various tissues, including the brain, lung, kidney, and eye, according to information from Pfizer.

In addition to fosmanogepix, Pfizer has gained ownership of Amplyx’s early-stage pipeline that includes potential antiviral (MAU868) and antifungal (APX2039) therapies.

Pfizer’s acquisition of Amplyx follows an initial equity investment by Pfizer in December 2019 with other investors. Following the acquisition, Amplyx Pharmaceuticals is now a subsidiary of Pfizer.

Source: Pfizer

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