Pfizer Ad R&D Space in Cambridge, Mass.

Pfizer has expanded its lease agreement with a subsidiary of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create a unified Pfizer campus in Kendall Square (KSQ) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With this expansion, Pfizer has leased the full 500,000 square feet at 610 Main Street in Kendall Square. This space will continue to house the R&D activities that relocated to 610 Main Street in 2014 and will enable the consolidation of Pfizer's three other leased spaces in Cambridge into the one campus.

The most recent lease addition secures an added 130,000 square feet of space for potential expansion in the future and will be available for sub-tenancy in 2017. Once the three remote sites are consolidated, 610 Main Street will house approximately 1,000 Pfizer employees.

Pfizer's R&D efforts in Cambridge will continue to focus on rare diseases, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease, inflammation and immunology, neuroscience, and advanced biotherapeutic technologies. The expanded 370,000-plus square foot KSQ research center is intended to foster a strong laboratory culture of experimentation and collaboration with an open design.

The location also facilitates partnerships with Boston-based research institutes, including Harvard University, MIT, the Broad Institute, Boston Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Source: Pfizer

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