Pfizer Launches Global Centers of Excellence for Vaccines

Pfizer has launched its Vaccines Division’s Centers of Excellence Network, a global program of collaborations with academic institutions to conduct real-world epidemiologic research to accurately identify and measure the burden of specific vaccine-preventable diseases and potentially evaluate vaccine effectiveness affecting adults. Pfizer Vaccines has designated the University of Louisville as its first Center of Excellence with a second global center anticipated in the first half of 2020.

As Pfizer’s first Center of Excellence site, the University of Louisville will initially conduct two separate, large population-based epidemiological studies in adults: a one-year study of the incidence of infectious diarrhea with funding provided by Pfizer up to $6.5 million and a one-year study of the incidence of pneumonia with funding provided by Pfizer up to $4.5 million.

Pfizer Vaccines says it is currently planning to establish a few additional Centers of Excellence for epidemiological research strategically located around the world in the coming years.

Source: Pfizer


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