Pfizer’s CMO Unit Expands Fill-Finish Services

Pfizer CentreOne, a global contract manufacturing organization (CMO) embedded within Pfizer, has expanded its fill-finish services at its Kalamazoo, Michigan site. The facility now provides vial-filling of sterile suspensions along with vial-filling of small molecules and biologics.

Pfizer CentreOne’s vial-filling services at the Kalamazoo site encompass small molecules and biologics, sterile suspensions, potent and controlled substances, aqueous and oil-based formulations, lyophilization, vials in 1 mL to 100 mL sizes, bulk formulation ranging from less than 1 liter to 1,600 liters, and technical transfer.

The CMO was formed by the union of Pfizer CentreSource, which manufactures specialty active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and Hospira One 2 One, a sterile-injectables CMO, following Pfizer’s $17-billion acquisition of Hospira in 2015. Pfizer CentreOne focuses on API synthesis, sterile injectables fill-finish, and highly potent solids.

Source: Pfizer CentreOne 

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