Pierre Fabre Forms Open Innovation R&D Pact

Pierre Fabre Laboratories and VibioSphen, a biotechnology company from the Toulouse region in France that is specializing in infectious disease, have formed a partnership within the framework of “Nature Open Library”, an open innovation program launched last December by Pierre Fabre to share its private plants' collection and its expertise of the whole phyto-industrial value chain with innovating companies from all sectors. Following a first partnership signed in February 2016 with the British biotechnology company, Plasticell, this new collaboration is the second partnership as part of that initiative.

VibioSphen will first screen Pierre Fabre‘s plants' collection, numbering over 15.000 classified samples and phyto-chemical compounds. Via this targeted screening, VibioSphen will try to identify new natural molecules which could be tested afterwards on several models of infectious diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, if this screening phase is carried out successfully, Pierre Fabre Laboratories will then become VibioSphen's preferred partners for the further development of identified molecules.

Source: Pierre Fabrie Laboratories

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