Pierre Fabre Teams with French Research Institute in Immuno-Oncology

The French pharmaceutical company, Pierre Fabre Médicament, has formed a strategic partnership with Inserm (The French Institute of Health and Medical Research) eand its academic partners (Université Paris Descartes-Paris V, Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI and Université Paris Diderot-Paris VII) and Inserm Transfert to identify new therapeutic targets in immuno-oncology.

Under the terms of this three-year agreement, Inserm's Cordeliers Research Center (CRC) and the Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre (CIPF) will work closely to develop oncological biotherapies. Through periodic collaborative workshops, the CRC teams of Pr. Wolf-Hervé Fridman and CIPF teams will discuss their research and share their expertise in immuno-oncology. This knowledge transfer will combine CRC's academic scientific expertise and Pierre Fabre's know-how in the development of biomolecules and in translational medicine, as a way to select patients who might benefit the most from these new targeted treatments.

At first, the CIPF scientists and CRC teams will validate the therapeutic value of the biological targets discovered by the academic researchers. Pierre Fabre teams will bring their expertise in the development of monoclonal antibodies corresponding to these targets. Meanwhile, both entities will work together to identify new therapeutic targets.

Pierre Fabre has extensive experience in oncology and immunology. The CIPF, which focuses on the fight against cancer, specializes in researching targeted biotherapies. Located in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, it aims at finding monoclonal antibodies used in oncology treatments and the production of biotechnological active substances. Since the creation in 2011 of its Antibodies Biotechnology Unit (ABU), the CIPF is the only French institution to combine applied research, developments and the production of clinical batches, all at the same site.

Source:Pierre Fabre Médicament

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