Recipharm Acquires Roche’s Solid-Dosage Mfg Facility

Roche has signed an agreement with Recipharm, a Swedish contract development and manufacturing organization, whereby Recipharm will manufacture a range of solid-dose products and acquire a Roche facility.

Recipharm will acquire Roche’s manufacturing facility located in Leganés, Spain, employing approximately 200 people. The factory currently produces solid dose products and is licensed to supply products to more than 95 countries. The Leganés plant is one of four facilities that Roche had announced it would be exiting as part of its 2015 restructuring of its manufacturing network for small molecules. The other three facilities include: Clarecastle, Ireland; Segrate, Italy; and Florence, South Carolina. In an effort to minimize job reductions, the company was looking into divestment opportunities for these facilities.

The agreement also offers opportunity for collaboration with Recipharm’s facility in Parets, Spain, which manufactures solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage forms.

The acquisition of the manufacturing facility and the performance of the manufacturing agreement will be organized in a 100% owned subsidiary of Recipharm. Closing of the transaction and commencement of supply under the agreement is anticipated by the end of 2017.

Source: Recipharm


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