Recipharm, Altus Collaborate in Drug Delivery

Recipharm, a Jordbro, Sweden-based contract development and manufacturing organization, has signed a licensing agreement with Altus Formulation, a Quebec, Canada-headquartered drug formulation and development company, to access drug-delivery technologies and products.

Under the agreement, Recipharm will co-develop new medicines using Altus’ patented drug-delivery technologies, Intellitab and Flexitab.

Intellitab is a misuse- and abuse-deterrent technology that mitigates the dangers of overexposure to opioids that can occur due to inadvertent or deliberate tampering with immediate-release or extended-release narcotics. Intellitab tablets are hardened to resist cutting, crushing, and chewing, and spontaneously form hard, stable gels in a range of solvents to deter injection. The technology has been used for developing both narcotic and stimulant products for sale in North America.

Flexitab is a commercially validated extended-release technology that enables alcohol-resistant tablets to maintain their performance after breaking to generate bioequivalent lower-strength tablets. As a result, Flexitab tablets may be broken with no risk of dose dumping or loss of controlled release, which eliminates the need for multiple tablets for patients whose regime requires the ability to titrate to effect, according to Recipharm.

Source: Recipharm

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