Recipharm Plans To Increase Staffing In Preparation for Brexit

Recipharm, a Jordbro, Sweden-based contract development and manufacturing organization, has established a dedicated task force to manage the potential impact on its operations due to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) (i.e., Brexit).

With less than a year until the UK exits the EU, Recipharm says it is focused on managing the transition with minimal impact to its operations and customers. The company is forming a Brexit task force to prioritize its preparations and invest in capabilities and equipment within its UK and European facilities to help ensure seamless operations post March 2019, the timeline for Brexit.

 “While many stakeholders in the pharma industry are campaigning for a ‘soft’ exit from the EU, there is a risk that the complexity of the regulatory landscape will increase dramatically if a ‘hard’ Brexit takes place,” said Thomas Beck, Senior Vice President Quality Management at Recipharm, in a May 24, 2018 company statement. “Consequently, we are preparing for all eventualities.”

As part of its plan to strengthen its organization ahead of Brexit, Recipharm said it plans to recruit more staff in laboratory and regulatory roles to meet the additional analytical, release testing, and administration requirements that are expected.

Source: Recipharm

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