Rephine Develops API Sourcing Portal

Rephine, a Stevenage, United Kingdom-headquartered provider of clinical and regulatory services to the pharmaceutical industry, has developed an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) sourcing portal to streamline the API sourcing process for buyers and the API sales process for vendors.

The portal, RephineSourcing, was developed to offer three main services: API sourcing, fast access to API datapacks, and a documentation-management service.

For vendors, their APIs can all be listed and viewable to any buyers searching for the relevant API. RephineSourcing will also act as a trusted third-party holder of quality-assurance documentation and API datapacks. If a buyer is interested in a particular API, he/she can request to purchase the datapack. This sales process involves the signing of a non-disclosure agreement and permission from the vendor, but ultimately decreases the duration of this process and usually takes up to two months, according to Rephine. The documentation-management service offered allows vendors to provide updated regulatory documentation, which will be held by RephineSourcing while confidentiality is maintained.

Buyers can perform unlimited API searches, where the results provide an up-to-date indication of regulatory compliance as a result of the documentation-management service, according to Rephine.This allows the ability to view the vendors that provide the API and their compliance levels, so one can select a vendor that best tailors to his/her needs. If a buyer is interested in purchasing one particular supplier’s API, the buyer can purchase a datapack to ensure compliance.

Source: Rephine

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