Roche Launches Cancer-Study Network, Invests $100 Million

Roche has launched the Centers of Research Excellence (imCORE) Network, a global cancer immunotherapy network that brings together scientific and clinical experts in cancer immunotherapy to collaborate in investigating new cancer treatment approaches. Roche said it will invest up to CHF 100 million ($100 million) to support basic and clinical research collaborations related to cancer immunotherapy. This investment is incremental to Roche’s ongoing research and development of investigational medicines and treatment approaches in cancer immunotherapy.

The goal of imCORE is to initiate preclinical and clinical research based on the latest scientific discoveries and to aggregate and share data to accelerate the search for cures to cancers. The network will focus on identifying approaches to expand the number of people who benefit from cancer immunotherapy by exploring ways to activate a person’s immune system to fight cancer.

The imCORE Network is a global network of basic and clinical scientists from 21 leading academic research institutions in cancer immunotherapy who will work together with scientists from Roche and Genentech, a member of the Roche group, in the United States. Roche is working in collaboration with the network on existing and new investigational medicines, diagnostic technologies, and emerging data. The network will also collaborate to identify and prioritize treatment approaches and to conduct clinical trials to accelerate progress in the field.

Source: Roche 

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