Roche’s Genentech Names New CEO

Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, has appointed Alexander Hardy, currently Head of Global Product Strategy, as chief executive officer (CEO), effective March 1, 2019. He succeeds Bill Anderson, who was recently appointed CEO, Roche Pharmaceuticals. Anderson was named CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals to succeed Daniel O’Day, formerly CEO, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and member of the company’s Corporate Executive Committee, who stepped down from his role, effective December 31, 2018. In December 2018, Gilead Sciences named O’Day Chairman and CEO, effective March 1, 2019.

Hardy first joined Genentech in 2005, where he held several senior management positions, including leading patient-access services and overseeing commercial operations for a range of therapeutic areas from HER2-positive cancer to influenza and neuroscience. In 2014, he became head of Asia Pacific for Roche Pharmaceuticals and is currently Head of Global Product Strategy.

Source: Genentech, Roche, and Gilead Sciences

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