Rondo Expands Box-Packaging Production Capacity

Rondo AG, an Allschwil, Switzerland-based pharmaceutical packaging company, has expanded its box-packaging production capacity in its factory in Ejpovice, the Czech Republic with the addition of a new die-cutting machine and a gluing line for producing folding boxes for pharmaceutical products. The expansion increases production to up to 700 million folding boxes and partition blanks annually. In the medium term, the company expects to increase capacity to 1.2 billion items produced at the plant.

The new machinery is intended to avoid bottlenecks in production and can produce a greater amount of crash lock folding boxes. As part of the expansion, 10 new employees will be joining the production team.

In 2012, the plant was extended with the addition of 6,000 square meters of production and storage space, and Rondo invested in an additional Heidelberg production line for printing, die-cutting, and gluing. Together with the two existing production lines, up to 500 million packs were produced in the last few years, and demand has since increased.

Source: Rondo AG

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