Roquette Inaugurates New Pharma Application Center

Roquette, a provider of excipients, has inaugurated a new Pharmaceutical Application Development Center at its site at Lestrem, Pas de Calais, France.

Designed as a place to share expertise, the new pharmaceutical Application Development Center will enable the development of new solutions for the pharmaceutical industry at a global level. The technologies in the laboratory, such as compression, film coating or granulation, will ensure the development of new galenic forms. They will also provide expertise and know-how in the science of pharmaceutical formulation. By working with the Roquette Group's laboratories for research, control, and analysis, the new pharmaceutical development center will reinforce existing collaborative relationships and help develop new partnerships. It will also provide technical support and act as a training center both for the company’s internal teams and its customers.

Roquette generates value from its plant-based raw materials to develop and offer numerous galenic forms to patients: syrups, drinkable solutions, tablets, capsules, and powders. The excipients produced by Roquette are designed to facilitate industrial production and cover a broad range of pharmaceutical applications. One of the latest innovations of the Group applies to a galenic form in which Roquette has developed an excipient for orodispersible tablets. This new form melts directly in the mouth without the need to drink any water, providing immediate action for the patient.

Source: Roquette

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