Sanofi Ends Pact with Ardelyx

Sanofi has terminated its option and license agreement with Ardelyx, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on gastrointestinal and cardio-renal diseases, relating to Ardelyx’s portfolio of NaP2b inhibitors, effective September 30, 2015. There was no payment associated with termination and the return of rights.

In February 2014, Ardelyx and Sanofi entered into an option and license agreement under which Ardelyx granted Sanofi an exclusive worldwide license to conduct research utilizing using Ardelyx’s small-molecule NaP2b inhibitors, called RDX002, for treating hyperphosphatemia in patients with end-stage kidney disease. RDX002 refers to Ardelyx's program aimed at discovering and evaluating small-molecule inhibitors of the intestinal phosphate transporter NaP2b. If a development candidate were identified within a defined period, Sanofi could exercise its option to obtain an exclusive license to develop, manufacture, and commercialize Ardelyx’s NaP2b inhibitors. Ardelyx received an upfront payment of $1.25 million upon execution of the agreement. The NaP2b inhibitors are all in early-stage research.

Source: Ardelyx

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