Sanofi, Enteris to Develop Oral Diabetes Therapy

Sanofi has initiated a feasibility study agreement with Enteris BioPharma, a Boonton, New Jersey-headquartered biotechnology company, which will leverage Enteris’ proprietary and patented oral peptide and small-molecule delivery platform, Peptelligence, to develop an oral formulation of one of Sanofi’s preclinical-stage peptides.

Peptides are one area of focus in Sanofi’s diabetes-therapy research. Peptides typically have high selectivity, which would translate to a low-dose drug regimen, according to information from Sanofi. The company is building a portfolio of peptides for diabetes and other related metabolic disorders, according to Sanofi.

Enteris BioPharma’s Peptelligence platform is a drug-delivery technology that increases the solubility and absorption of peptides and small molecules.

In related news, Enteris Biopharma has also entered into a clinical manufacturing services agreement with KeyBioscience, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordic Bioscience, a Herlev, Denmark-headquartered biotechnology company specializing in precision medicines, to develop proprietary metabolic peptides for treating a variety of indications, including diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic disorders.

Under the agreement, Enteris BioPharma will use its Peptelligence platform to manufacture and characterize three oral tablet prototypes of KeyBioscience’s metabolic peptide. In addition, Enteris BioPharma will become the exclusive provider of finished product for use in preclinical and proof-of-concept clinical trial research. KeyBioscience develops and hold all rights to dual amylin- and calcitonin-receptor agonist peptides for metabolic and cartilage-related diseases.

Source: Enteris Biopharma for Sanofi deal and Nordic deal

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