Sanofi, Parexel Partner for Wearable Devices

Parexel, a contract research organization, has formed a collaboration with Sanofi to advance the use of wearable devices for data collection in clinical trials.

Wearables have the potential to address several challenges related to clinical trials and improve execution by increasing patients’ ability to participate, driving patient engagement, and creating more opportunities for decentralized trial sites, according to Parexel. The Parexel-Sanofi collaboration is designed to further explore the potential of patient sensors and wearable devices to remotely collect patient data during clinical trials.

The two companies are jointly leveraging their clinical, scientific, regulatory, logistics and technical expertise, as well as global footprint, to determine how wearables can optimize study performance and accelerate drug development. In particular, the companies are examining how data collected from several wearable devices can be streamlined into a single, scalable data system.

Currently, Parexel and Sanofi are collaborating on a pilot study using Parexel recently launched patient-sensor solution to demonstrate the scientific and medical viability of wearables. In an ongoing single-site study, patient data are being collected remotely and simultaneously via multiple wearable devices. Publication of final study results is expected in the near future.

Source: Parexel

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