Sanofi’s Shantha Biotechnics to Build Insulin Facility in India

Shantha Biotechnics, a Sanofi company, has laid the foundation for a new production facility to manufacture Insuman, human insulin product from Sanofi's range of diabetes treatments. Sanofi will make an investment of INR 460 crores in this insulin facility, which is located in Muppireddipalli (Telangana) in India. This will be Sanofi's second plant aside from the company's existing Insuman manufacturing plant in Frankfurt. The construction of the 13,400 square-meter building will begin immediately, with the site fully operational by 2019.

While Sanofi's Frankfurt facility will continue to manufacture the human insulin, Insuman, the new facility will contribute toward addressing local demand. Shantha is a fully integrated biotechnology company involved in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. It was acquired by Sanofi in 2009.

Source: Shantha Biotehnics

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