Sanofi To Invest $340 Million to Expand Biologics Manufacturing

Sanofi plans to invest EUR 300 million ($341 million) to expand its site in Geel, Belgium for biologics manufacturing. Through the investment, Sanofi plans to adapt and expand existing production capabilities to support Sanofi’s pipeline of monoclonal antibodies. Updates to the existing facility will include the development of new laboratories focused on quality control and manufacturing sciences.

Sanofi and its specialty care global business unit, Sanofi Genzyme, have already invested EUR 600 million ($683 million) in the Geel site, which began industrial biotech activities in 2001. The site is currently responsible for the global production of a protein therapy for Pompe disease, a rare, genetic muscular disease.The protein therapy is produced using cell cultures in large bioreactors, followed by a purification process.

Through this latest investment, the facility will add more than 8000 square meters of manufacturing floor space, enabling the site to increase its overall production capacity and diversify to other drugs and therapeutic areas. In support of this expansion, Sanofi intends to recruit biotechnology professionals to fulfill a range of job functions.

Source: Sanofi

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