Selexis Invests $2 Million in Cell-Line Development

Selexis, a Geneva, Switzerland-based provider of mammalian cell-line generation technology, has purchased, installed and invested $2 million in new laboratory equipment as well as hired new employees and signed its 100th commercial license agreement. This follows its June 2017 acquisition by JSR Corporation, the parent company of JSR Life Sciences.

Selexis’ investment in new equipment and employees is primarily directed toward the research and development of and proprietary technologies that will enable Selexis to deliver research cell banks in eight to nine weeks from transfection. Furthermore, the investment expands the company’s capacity to analyze whole genomes using sequencing methods. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) provides Selexis’ partners insights into the genome organization of any manufacturing mammalian cell line. Data from such WGS analysis can be used for safety intelligence during manufacturing campaigns, and in the near future, for regulatory submissions, according to Selexis.

Further, the company hired new employees, to be based in Geneva, the US, and Tokyo, in the areas of whole-genome sequencing, global business development, production, and operations. The laboratory equipment will be housed at the company’s laboratory facility and corporate headquarters, which opened in the spring of 2017 in Geneva.

In May 2017, Selexis opened a new corporate headquarters and laboratory facility that tripled its capacity. The facility is located in Plan Le Ouates, a suburb of Geneva, Switzerland. 

Source: Selexis

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