Shire Partners in Digital Health

Shire has partnered with MicroHealth, a New York-based digital health company, to create a care- monitoring tool for hemophilia A and B.

MicroHealth developed the tool, in the form of an app, to help improve hemophilia patient care through the ability to set reminders, track, store, and selectively share personal health data, including photos and bleed alerts, with care-team members. Both companies remain independent in this collaboration, and Shire does not have access to any patient, caregiver, or other third-party data through this collaboration.

Shire’s collaboration with MicroHealth is specifically for hemophilia patients with inhibitors. Launched in 2011, the MicroHealth app is already used by hemophilia patients without inhibitors.

Inhibitors are a complication in hemophilia patients that can occur when the patient’s immune system prevents standard treatments from working by producing antibodies that inhibit the necessary formation of blood clots, according to Shire. Bypassing agents are an alternative method to control bleeding and are the current standard of care for hemophilia patients with a high number of inhibitors.

Source: Shire

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