Supplier News: Veranova, Scorpius, Renaissance Lakewood & More 

The latest from CDMOs, CMOs, and suppliers featuring Veranova, Scorpius Biomanufacturing, Sartorius, Renaissance Lakewood, Aldevron, Acuitas. 

Chemicals/Chemical API Manufacturing 
* Veranova, Phorum AI in AI Mfg Pact
Biologics Manufacturing 
* Scorpius Biomanufacturing Gets GMP Microbial Facility Validation 
* Sartorius, Nvidia in AI Drug Discovery & Mfg Pact 
Formulation Development/Drug Product Manufacturing 
* Renaissance Lakewood Opens New Headquarters 
* Aldevron, Acuitas Partner for LNP Formulation Capabilities
* Roquette Launches Softgel Capsule System 

Chemicals/Chemical API Manufacturing 

Veranova, Phorum AI in AI Mfg Pact  
Veranova (formerly known as Johnson Matthey Health) and Phorum.AI,  a company focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in pharmaceutical applications, have announced that they are collaborating to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes using AI.  

The parties will use Veranova’s empirical manufacturing dataset, developed over 20 years of manufacturing a portfolio of owned active pharmaceutical ingredient drug master files and Phorum.AI’s expertise in generative AI to develop a tool that to enable development of manufacturing processes in reduced time versus historical methods. 

Source: Veranova 

Biologics Manufacturing 

Scorpius BioManufacturing Gets GMP Microbial Facility Validation 
Scorpius Holdings, the parent company of Scorpius BioManufacturing, a CDMO of biologics, has announced the successful cGMP validation of its microbial facilities in San Antonio, Texas.  

Additionally, Scorpius is also streamlining its operations by transitioning environmental monitoring responsibilities to internal teams while it migrates from the previous reliance on third-party services.   

Source: Scorpius Holdings 

Sartorius, Nvidia in AI Drug Discovery & Mfg Pact 
Sartorius, a provider of products and services for the life-sciences, including bioprocessing, and Nvidia, a technology company, have entered an agreement to combine Sartorius’ expertise in the life sciences and bioprocessing with Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered computing platforms and software to enable new products and services.  

Sartorius has been working with Nvidia since 2020. The life science group has integrated Nvidia’s technology into its instruments, enabling edge-computing applications of its live-cell imaging platform for commercialized AI assays in the lab. The focus of the collaboration has been on developing predictive AI models of stem cell-derived organoids to replace animal models in drug discovery and precision medicine. Sartorius is also using Nvidia solutions for predictive bioprocess design and simulation tools for manufacturing.  

The expanded collaboration includes increasing adoption of the Nvidia Clara suite of AI-powered computing platforms, software, and services in the Sartorius ecosystem. Plans involve creating and commercializing foundational models based on Sartorius’ datasets. New predictive AI models, tools, and simulations for numerous application areas will also be available to Sartorius customers through the Nvidia Clara suite and the Nvidia DGX platform. 

The collaboration will explore numerous advanced technologies, including the computer-based design and simulation of 3D-bioprinted spheroids and organoids or synthetic biological pathways and organisms designed based on Sartorius cell lines, to produce therapeutic agents and therapies. 

Source: Sartorius 

Formulation Development/Drug Product Manufacturing 

Renaissance Lakewood Opens New Headquarters 
Renaissance Lakewood, a Lakewood, New Jersey-based CDMO of injectables, has announced the official opening of its new headquarters in Lakewood, New Jersey. 

The new headquarters is 81,000 square feet and will increase Renaissance Lakewood’s GMP warehouse square footage as well as serve as the primary client engagement and administrative hub for the company. The 14,000-square-foot office space portion of the building is now fully occupied, and the 67,000-square-foot warehouse will be on line by the third quarter of this year (2024).  

Source: Renaissance Lakewood 

Aldevron, Acuitas Partner for LNP Formulation Capabilities 
Aldevron, a South Fargo, North Dakota-manufacturer of DNA, RNA, and proteins used in cell and gene therapies and vaccine development, and Acuitas, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based company specializing in the development of delivery systems for nucleic acid therapeutics based on lipid nanoparticles, have announced a strategic partnership to allow Aldevron to expand its capabilities in mRNA LNP encapsulation by incorporating Acuitas’ proprietary LNP encapsulation platform.  

In May of 2023, Aldevron announced the expansion of its mRNA production capabilities to include Cytiva’s mRNA LNP encapsulation and aseptic fill–finish platform. This new strategic partnership with Acuitas Therapeutics, working with its encapsulation platform, equips Aldevron with a range of mRNA LNP technologies, enhancing its mRNA end-to-end drug product service capabilities. 

Source: Aldevron 

Roquette Launches Softgel Capsule System 
Roquette, a manufacturer of excipients and plant-based ingredients, has announced the launch of its new Lycagel flex hydroxypropyl pea starch premix for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical softgel capsules.  

Source: Roquette