Symbosis Plans Sterile Mfg Expansion

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services, a contract manufacturer of sterile injectables, plans to expand its sterile filling facility following increased demand for its services from both the US and Europe. The company will increase floor space at its Scotland-based site by 20%, adding a new controlled temperature storage area and further room for its growing quality and project management teams.

The extension comes just a year after the company was granted a commercial manufacturer's / importers license by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency for the GMP-manufacture of aseptically filled licensed commercial products to complement its existing investigational medicinal product license. Its core business remains the sterile fill/finish of biologic and small molecule products into vials for clinical trials but the company has branched into providing a solution for increasing numbers of small-scale commercial manufacturing projects.

The company specializes in injectable medicines, which are either liquid or lyophilised formulations filled into vials. Its specialist capabilities include the ability to handle and fill antibodies, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, cytotoxic, cytostatic and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients, including antibody drug conjugates, along with conventional small molecules.

Source: Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services

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