Takeda, Affilogic Partner in CNS Therapies

Takeda Pharmaceutical has formed a research collaboration with Affilogic, a Nantes, France-based biotechnology company, to explore using Nanofitins, Affilogic’s proprietary antibody-mimetics platform, in therapies targeting the central nervous system. Specifically, Affilogic and Takeda, through its research center in San Diego, California, will leverage their respective competencies to validate and optimize the Nanofitins platform to enable Takeda to deliver biotherapeutic candidates into the brain to address neurological disorders.

Nanofitins are antibody-mimetics that exhibit affinity and specificity for capture, targeting and interaction with biomolecules according to information from Takeda. They can be conjugated to other moieties, such as antibodies, small molecules, and nanoparticles.

Under the agreement, Affilogic will receive an upfront payment and research funding, and is eligible to receive additional development and sales milestone payments and royalties by Takeda. Takeda will be entitled to commercialize worldwide products incorporating Affilogic Nanofitins resulting from the collaboration. Further details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Source: Takeda 

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