Takeda, Altos Partner for GI Drug

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Altos Therapeutics, a private pharmaceutical company in Los Altos, California. have entered into a definitive agreement to further the development of Altos's proprietary compound, ATC-1906. Additionally, the agreement includes an exclusive option for Takeda to acquire Altos beginning on the date of the agreement and continuing for a period of time following the completion of ongoing Phase I studies of ATC-1906. The parties envision future development of ATC-1906 for the treatment of gastroparesis (GP) and its symptoms.

Altos’ main focus has been to develop ATC-1906 for gastroparesis. The company has performed all the necessary studies to successfully obtain an investigational new drug application and continues to develop ATC-1906 into Phase I clinical trials.

Source: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

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