Takeda, BioXcel Collaborate in Big Data

BioXcel Corporation,a provider of cloud-based pharmaceutical-based big data services based in Branford, Connecticut, has entered into a partnership with Takeda Development Center Americas for the repurposing of assets across various rare diseases. Through this partnership, Takeda will gain access to BioXcel’s Big Data Innovation Lab — an integrated product discovery engine and PharmGPS Orphan Disease Suite for drug discovery and repurposing.

A live and multi-dimensional platform, BioXcel’s proprietary suite encompasses more than 9,000 rare and ultra-rare diseases, 4,000-5,000 associated genes, 1,500 disease pathways, and distinct target-indication tiles for antibody, protein, RNA, small-molecule and gene-therapy modalities. Partners can make informed decisions related to rare disease indications, and associate the ideal mode of pharmacotherapy, factoring in strategic, medical, scientific and commercial considerations. The suite enables the commercialization of orphan drugs via de novo drug discovery or repurposing and reformulation of clinical assets (drug rescue) based on disease severity, gene ontology, disease pathways, proteinopathy, standard of care, emerging innovation, enabling technologies, and current drug pipeline — all of which are crucial when addressing the high unmet need of patients with rare and ultra rare diseases.

Source: BioXcel

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