Takeda Completes Construction of German Solid Dosage Manufacturing Facility

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has completed the construction of a new EUR-100 million ($111-million) solid-dosage manufacturing facility at its site in Oranienburg, Germany.

The facility is scheduled to begin operating at the end of 2017. The state of Brandenburg and the German federal government each contributed half of the approximately EUR 23 million ($25.6 million) in subsidies for the plant expansion.

Takeda had announced in November 2014 that as a part of its initiative toward optimization of its global network, the manufacture of solid dosage form pharmaceutical products would be transferred from its plant in Osaka, Japan to the Oranienburg plant and its plant in Hikari, Japan.

The Oranienburg site specializes in producing solid forms (pills and capsules). Many of Takeda’s drug products are manufactured and supplied to 100 countries worldwide from the Oranienburg site, including pantoprazole, a gastroenterology drug, Trintellix (vortioxetineor), an antidepressant, and Magnyl (acetylsalicylic acid), aspirin. 

The expanded production capacity of the Oranienburg sitehas created about 180 new jobs.

Source: Takeda Pharmaceutical

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