Takeda Has Late-Stage Setback for Cancer Drug

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has decided to discontinue the Phase III trial of alisertib for patients with relapsed or refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma. Alisertib is an oral, selective, inhibitor of Aurora A kinase being investigated by Takeda for the treatment of small cell lung cancer. Aurora A kinase is required for cells to divide properly and has been shown to be over-expressed in a variety of cancers, and inhibition of Aurora A kinase represents a novel approach in cancer research.

The decision to discontinue the Phase III trial follows the results of a pre-specified interim analysis that indicated the study is unlikely to meet the primary endpoint of superior progression-free survival over the standard-of-care in this treatment setting. Takeda continues to investigate the utility of alisertib in small cell lung cancer.

Source: Takeda

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