Takeda Partners in ADCs

Takeda Pharmaceutical has entered into a research licensing agreement with LegoChem Biosciences (LCB), a biopharmaceutical company based in Daejeon, South Korea to evaluate next-generation antibody drug conjugate (ADC) candidates.

Under the agreement, Takeda and LCB will focus on evaluating ADC candidates. Takeda will have an exclusive option to license global rights for the project results. Through this agreement, Takeda will have access to LCB’s proprietary ADC technology, ConjuAll.

ConjuAll is an ADC platform technology using inker chemistry combined with site-specific enzymatic conjugation. Using a site-specific bio-conjugation method and a stable beta-glucuronide linker, the technology enables the design of homogeneous plasma-stable ADCs with the potential to improve payload delivery to cancer cells, according to LCB.

Takeda signed this agreement through its wholly owned subsidiary, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Source: LegoChem Biosciences

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