Takeda Plans Production Transfer

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has decided to focus its Osaka plant (Osaka Prefecture, Japan) to become a specialty manufacturing site for Leuplin (leuprorelin acetate), a treatment for prostate cancer and premenopausal breast cancer.one of Takeda's main products. It will transfer the manufacturing of solid products to its plants at Hikari (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) and Oranienburg (Brandenburg, Germany), a process that will be completed during fiscal year 2018, in order to optimize its global manufacturing network.

The Osaka Plant will continue to contribute to the company's business as a specialty manufacturing site for Leuplin. Meanwhile, the Hikari Plant will further expand its capacity to produce various ethical drugs, including anticancer drugs and vaccines.

To facilitate the transfer of production, Takeda estimates a capital investment of about 9 billion yen ($75 million) for the Hikari plant and a marginal additional investment in equipment in the Oranienburg plant. Takeda’s consolidated financial statement for the fiscal year 2014 will not be impacted by this decision to transfer production.

Source: Takeda Pharmaceutical

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