Takeda To Divest Stake in Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has signed an agreement with Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd, (OGC) a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., to transfer all the shares Takeda owns in Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals, Ltd. to OGC. Mizusawa is a subsidiary of OGC, and OGC will proceed with the acquisition of Mizusawa's shares from other shareholders.

Mizusawa was established in 1937 in Tokyo with the focus on the domestic manufacture of activated clay used for refining oil and fats. Its current major business areas include the manufacture and marketing of adsorbent materials with activated clay as the main product and also of resin additives such as functional resin fillers and stabilizers for polyvinyl chlorides resin as the main products.

Takeda is making the divestment as it focuses its R&D resources on promising R&D pipelines, including gastroenterology and oncology, and on investment in emerging markets. Hence, Takeda has decided to transfer the shares it owns in Mizusawa to OGC.

Source: Takeda Pharmaceutical

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