Teva Emphasizes Specialty Medicines in Its Strategy

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE:TEVA) today announced the results of its strategic review of core therapeutic areas for the company. Thee core area are central nervous system drugs (CNS), including drugs to treat multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disease and pain, and respiratory disease, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The company said it will grow it specialty medicine business through investment in research & development, marketing, business development, and innovation while strengthening its commercial infrastructure and expanding its offering of “patient-centric solutions.”

“Teva is committed to being a world-leader in CNS and respiratory, both areas underpinned by significant and growing unmet patient needs. With our existingportfolio, integrated global R&D and innovation capabilities, we are in a strong position to deliver for patients and payers, and to generate long-term value for our shareholders,” stated Teva's President and CEO, Erez Vigodman, in a company release. “Our late-stage pipeline assets are expected to generate great value: out of the 30 plus product launches we anticipate by 2019, with a total of over $4 billion in new revenue on a risk-adjusted basis,over 20 products will be launched in these two core therapeutic areas,” he sdai

In other therapeutic areas, such as women's health and oncology, where Teva has a significant commercial presence, the company will focus on market-ready or close-to-market assets to maximize sustainable profitability. In addition, Teva will continue to evaluate opportunities for commercially oriented activities and collaborations.

As a result of the strategic review, Teva has identified 14 pipeline projects for discontinuation or divestment. These projects amount to more than $150 million in R&D costs in 2015 and in excess of $200 million for each of 2016 and 2017. These cost savings will be directed, in part, to increasing resources in Teva’s core therapeutic areas while another part of which will support the company’s efficiency objective. This increased investment in core therapeutic areas will increase R&D productivity, without increasing the overall R&D budget.

Vigodman continued, “The decision announced today demonstrates progress in our efforts to solidify the foundation of the company, drive organic growth and ensure that we are pursuing the highest potential opportunities, both for patients and for the company. It will allow us to more efficiently and effectively focus and build leadership in key disease areas and deliver sustainable long-term value.” 

Source: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

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