United Therapeutics, Corsair Pharma in Prodrugs Pact

United Therapeutics Corporation, a Silver Spring, Maryland-headquartered biotechnology company developing therapies for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), and Corsair Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company developing a transdermal treprostinil prodrug, have signed an agreement involving Corsair’s portfolio of patents covering treprostinil prodrugs as well as an equity investment by United Therapeutics in Corsair.

Under the agreement, United Therapeutics has been granted an exclusive license to Corsair’s intellectual property for developing treprostinil prodrug formulations. Corsair will continue development of transdermal treprostinil prodrug formulations for PAH. Corsair received upfront consideration, and is entitled to royalty payments based on the commercialization of treprostinil prodrug products by United Therapeutics that are covered by Corsair’s patents.

In addition, United Therapeutics made a minority equity investment in Corsair that includes an option to acquire the remaining outstanding shares of Corsair. As part of this collaboration, United Therapeutics and Corsair will collaborate and support each other’s development activities.

Source: United Therapeutics

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