Vetter Begins $79 Million Expansion

Vetter, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for the development, commercial manufacturing and final packaging of aseptically prefilled drug-delivery systems, has begun construction of a new building at its Ravensburg Schuetzenstrasse site in Germany. Scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2018, the building is planned to begin operations in early 2019. Expected to cost approximately EUR 70 million ($79 million), it is part of the total investment strategy announced by the company in September 2015 and will constitute an important element in the overall Schuetzenstrasse facility rebuilding concept for modernization and expansion.

Upon completion, the seven-story building will cover a total of 8,000 sq. meters (86,000 sq. ft), and include in its core a cleanroom with supportive media systems. Additionally, it will contain the site's central material preparation; office space for the production staff as well as a staff canteen with roof garden. The applied technology of the cleanroom will be dedicated to the filling of bulk syringes and designed to be compatible for the filling of sensitive drugs such as biologics and opthalmics. Syringes prepared in the bulk process offer a number of customization options that are tailored to substance and primary packaging material components, and offer customizable low silicone levels and thus, process flexibility. Another central technological element of the cleanroom will be the implementation of an improved restricted access barrier system (RABS) concept to combine the advantages of isolator and RABS technology. The core of this approach is a three-hour cycle and fully automated decontamination of the cleanroom using hydrogen peroxide.

Source: Vetter

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