VTU, Biomay Partner in Allergy Immunotherapies

VTU Technology and Biomay, two Austrian biotech companies, have entered into a licensing agreement for the production of recombinant allergens.

VTU Technology, a contract service provider, currently provides a Pichia pastoris expression platform, and the agreement grants Biomay access to VTU´s Pichia pastoris protein expression technology. Biomay, which is developing allergy immunotherapies, will apply industrial Pichia expression strains generated by VTU for the commercial production of recombinant allergens. Under the terms of the agreement, VTU Technology will receive royalties based on Biomay´s worldwide sales of the recombinant allergens.

Headquartered in Grambach/Graz, Austria, VTU Technology is a private company and a subsidiary of VTU Holding, an Austrian enterprise that combines several technology and engineering companies in chemistry, pharma & life science. In February 2015, the company renewed its global Pichia pastoris technology collaboration agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim. 

Based in Vienna, Austria, Biomay specializes in developing specific immunotherapies of allergic diseases. Biomay's lead product is BM32, a recombinant-based therapeutic vaccine against grass pollen allergy, which is the most advanced candidate developed from Biomay´s proprietary peptide-carrier technology. Additionally, Biomay operates as a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), offering services for GMP-conform microbial-derived recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA.

Source: VTU Technology

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