W.R. Grace Opens GMP Lab for Starting Materials and Advanced Intermediates

W.R. Grace & Co. has opened a good manufacturing practice (GMP)-release quality control (QC) lab at its fine-chemicals manufacturing facility located in Albany, Oregon, expanding support for GMP manufacturing and release for the pharmaceutical and dietary-related industries.

The new lab's capabilities will enable the site to validate analytical methods and perform GMP release of starting materials and advanced intermediates. The lab already has passed customer inspections and completed method validation and GMP release of commercial intermediates. The analytical equipment in the lab includes HPLC, UPLC, GC-MS, and GC-MS with head space, along with other common analytical equipment.

Grace acquired the Albany facility from Synthetech, Inc. in 2010. The Albany site's operations team has more than 30 years of custom manufacturing experience in multi-step organic, organometallic, and chiral chemistry, and integrated kilos-to-tons GMP production.

Source: W.R. Grace

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