West Launches Component for Pre-Filled Delivery Systems

West Pharmaceutical Services, a provider of solutions for injectable drug administration, reports the availability of the 1-3-mL NovaPureplunger, a component for pre-filled delivery systems, designed to reduce particulates and ensure consistency of delivery. This new offering adds to West’s current portfolio of NovaPure products, which includes the 1-mL long NovaPure plunger and 13-mm and 20-mm NovaPure lyo and serum stoppers.

West’s 1-3-mL NovaPure plungers are designed and manufactured using quality-by-design principles to ensure dimensional control and consistency, sub-visible and visible particulate control, and low parts per million (ppm) defect attributes. Additionally, with an optimized breakloose and glide force profile, 1-3-mL NovaPure plungers are designed for functional performance for auto-injector applications across various injection volumes, including as part of increasingly common 2.25-mL injectable drug delivery systems.

Source: West Pharmaceutical Services

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