West Pharmaceuticals in Vial Supply Pact

West Pharmaceuticals, an Exton, Pennsylvania-headquartered manufacturer of packaging and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products, and Stevanato Group, through Ompi, its specialist in glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, have signed a pact in which West will distribute Ompi EZ-fill vials in North America. 

Ompi EZ-fill vials, the sterile, depyrogenated, and ready-to-fill glass containers for pharmaceutical use will supplement the West Ready Pack, West’s ready-to-use, sterile vial containment system.

The West Ready Pack system comprises injectable packaging components, including NovaPure stoppers and Flip-Off seals. Ready Pack components are provided for ready-to-use and sterile and are available for order from stock in low minimum order quantities.

EZ-fill vials are available in a range of sizes that conform to ISO standards. EZ-fill trays and nests are designed to avoid glass-to-glass contact, mitigating the risk of breakage, cosmetic issues, and particulate generation. Validated to ship in quantities as low as a single carton, Ompi EZ-fill vials offer a service that can be extended from the clinical trial stage through industrialization.

Source: Stevanto Group


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