AAIPharma Services/Cambridge Major Laboratories Sign Mfg Pact

The Breast Health Company, part of Atossa Genetics, Inc., has signed manufacturing and quality agreements with AAIPharma Services Corp. / Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc. (AAI/CML) for the manufacturing of a clinical supply for 4-hydroxytamoxifen, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in Atossa's leading drug candidate, Afimoxifene Gel. In May 2015, Atossa acquired from Besins Healthcare the exclusive rights to Afimoxifene Gel for the potential treatment of hyperplasia of the breast.

Atossa Genetics Inc. is focused on improving breast health through the development of laboratory services, medical devices and therapeutics. The laboratory services are being developed by its subsidiary, The National Reference Laboratory for Breast Health Inc. The laboratory services and the company's medical devices are being developed so they can be used as companions to therapeutics to treat various breast health conditions.

Source: AAIPharma Services/Cambridge Major Laboratories

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