Adaptimmune, PCT in Supply Pact

Adaptimmune Therapeutics, an Oxfordshire, UK-based T-cell therapy company, has formed a new five-year strategic manufacturing agreement with PCT, a contract manufacturing organization and a Caladrius company, a subsidiary of Caladrius Biosciences, for the supply of Adaptimmune’s SPEAR T-cell therapies. Under the contract, Adaptimmune will gain exclusive access to a European Union and US Food and Drug Administration-compliant manufacturing unit at PCT as well as dedicated, specialist staff.

Adaptimmune’s relationship with PCT is for the manufacture of its SPEAR T-cell products from development through clinical manufacturing and subject to marketing authorizations, commercialization. The manufacturing process for Adaptimmune’s SPEAR T-cell therapies consists of isolating T-cells from the blood of cancer patients; transferring affinity-enhanced T-cell receptors, which have been modified to recognize cancer cells, into the cells; activating and expanding the T-cells; and introducing the affinity-enhanced cells back into the patient to enable the patient’s immune system to attack cancer.

Source: Adaptimmune Therapeutics

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