Amatsigroup Acquires Sterile-Injectable-Drug Manufacturer

Amatsigroup, a Fontenilles, France-headquarterd contract development and manufacturing organization, has acquired Disposable-Lab, a Martillac, France-based company that specializes in manufacturing sterile clinical batches of drug product in injectable forms.

Amatsigroup’s acquisition extends its aseptic manufacturing solutions under a GMP-compliant environment while adding an additional increase to its overall manufacturing capacity for sterile clinical batches. It follows a recent investment in a second manufacturing line at its facility in Idron, France. The acquisition also boosts Amatsigroup’s capability for producing small-scale batches, with dosages at approximately a microliter, and its capability for manufacturing parenteral and sterile clinical batches of drug product.

Disposable-Lab is known for its single-use solutions for aseptic production of technical and clinical batches. The company’s single-use isolators and disposable equipment package support the development of targeted biologic therapies as well as non-conventional processes, including sterile powder filling, gene therapy, active vaccines, and very small batch sizes. Disposable-Lab’s Pyrofree technology enables the company to provide a range of apyrogenic sterile vials used in manufacturing processes for sterile drugs.

Source: Amatisgroup

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