Bormioli Rocco Offers New Packaging

Bormioli Rocco Pharma, a Fidenza, Italy-headquartered glass and plastic manufacturer, has developed five new packaging products

These products cover a way to reconstitute powder oral drugs; a streamlined freeze-drying process for parenteral drugs; closing stionsafety gaps in pediatric syrup administration; making inhalable dry-powder drugs accessible in developing countries; and protection features for protein-based drugs.

Specifically, these include: (1) AccuRec, a dual-chamber packaging that is made to enable end-users to reconstitute oral drugs in a few steps by providing pre-dosed diluent and drug powder; (2) Delta Type I Glass Vials, which are designed to address damage or breakage to glass during the lyophilization process; (3) Safe&Easy, a packaging kit for pediatric oral drugs, specifically designed to avoid plug ingestion and to provide a precise syrup dosing; (4) Nesat, a dry-powder inhaler developed to support inhalable drug diffusion in the Global South; and (5) Amber Type I glass vials, which offer protection from both chemical and environmental aggressions.

Source: Bormioli Rocco Pharma


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