Cambrex Expands API Mfg Facility; Increases Wastewater Treatment

Cambrex, a contract manufacturer of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has installed new, large-scale manufacturing capacity at its cGMP facility in Karlskoga, Sweden and has also undertaken a multi-year construction project to increase the site’s wastewater processing capabilities.

The expansion of the site’s manufacturing capabilities included the installation of various multi-purpose reactors, ranging from 4 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters in size, in addition to a 9-cubic-meter-hydrogenation reactor.

The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to support the expansion and improve existing biological processes, is being phased over a three-year period. The SEK 30.5 million ($3.5 million) investment will process over 4,000 cubic meters of water each day and handle variations in the composition of effluent. The majority of the construction project will be completed in 2017, with additional upgrades in 2018 and 2019. When completed, the facility will reduce the emission of nitrogen, total organic compounds, and suspended material.

The expansion at Cambrex’s Swedish site is part of an ongoing strategic campaign to increase manufacturing capacity across its global network, and follows the announcement of the construction of a $24-million, 4,500-square-foot highly potent API manufacturing facility at its site in Charles City, Iowa, which is due to open in 2019.

Source: Cambrex




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