CASI Pharmaceuticals Acquires Generics from Novartis’ Sandoz

CASI Pharmaceuticals, a Rockville, Maryland-headquartered biopharmaceutical company with a focus on commercialization in China, has acquired from Novartis’ generics arm, Sandoz, a portfolio of 25 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs), one ANDA that the FDA tentatively approved, and three ANDAs that are pending FDA approval.

CASI intends to select and commercialize certain products from the portfolio that have cost-effective manufacturing in China and/or in the US.

CASI’s product pipeline includes cancer drugs: Evomela (melphalan), Marqibo (vincristine), Zevalin (Ibritumomab tiuxetan), which are all FDA-approved drugs in-licensed from Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, a Henderson, Nevada-based biotechnology company, for China regional rights, and in various stages in the regulatory process for market approval in China. CASI’s pipeline also includes its proprietary drug candidate, ENMD-2076, currently in Phase II clinical development, and proprietary early-stage candidates in preclinical development.

Source: CASI Pharmaceuticals

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