CMC Biologics Expands at Danish Facility

As part of its ongoing global manufacturing capacity expansion, CMC Biologics, a contract biologics manufacturer, has completed the first stage of the expansion for its manufacturing facility in Copenhagen, Denmark with the addition of a single-use Bioreactor 3PACK facility.

The Bioreactor 3PACK configuration consists of three 2,000-liter single-use production bioreactors, and associated seed train for scale-up, allowing for flexible production with scales from 2,000 liters to 6,000 liters in a single production suite. The bioreactors can be run singly, simultaneously, sequentially or in staggered fashion to achieve desired production needs. The 3PACK line is ready for production runs in June 2016.

With the combination of multiple 2,000 liters single-use bioreactors, CMC Biologics is using single-use technologies to achieve large-scale manufacturing of biologics. Three additional 2,000 liters single-use production bioreactors will be added in 2017 to complete the fit out of a Bioreactor 6PACK line, thereby establishing identical Bioreactor 6PACK facilities in its US and European manufacturing facilities. CMC has three facilities in Seattle, Washington, Berkeley, California, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Source: CMC Biologics

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