CSL Behring Plans $450 Million Manufacturing Expansion

CSL Behring plans to invest $450 million in a multi-year,two-site global manufacturing capacity expansion of albumin at its Broadmeadows facility (Melbourne, Australia) and of plasma intermediates at its Kankakee site (Illinois) The cross-functionality that is enabled by the capacity expansions will allow CSL Behring to leverage its global manufacturing network, helping to optimize the manufacturing efficiencies of immunoglobulin and albumin. Of the $450 million investment, $240 million will be for Kankakee and $210 million for Broadmeadows. CSL Behring produces plasma and plasma intermediates produced at four integrated global sites in Kankakee, Broadmeadows, Bern (Switzerland), and Marburg (Germany).

At Broadmeadows, the new facility will become part of CSL Behring's global supply chain and expand its albumin manufacturing capacity. About 200 jobs will be created during construction in Broadmeadows, and 190 highly skilled manufacturing jobs will be in place when the new facility is fully operational. The new facility will comprise two manufacturing modules. Construction of the first module will begin in the next several weeks and will take about four years to complete. Broadmeadows currently has 650 employees.

At Kankakee, the expansion will increase the production of plasma intermediates. CSL Behring uses plasma intermediates to make albumin and also immunoglobulins. The expansion is expected to be completed in 2017, at which time 300,000 square feet will have been added to the site.

Earlier this year, CSL Behring said it intended to build a recombinant production site in Lengnau, Switzerland where the company plans to produce proteins to treat immune deficiency diseases. The company also opened in May its biotechnology manufacturing facility on the grounds of Broadmeadows. The company recently received US Food and Drug Administration regulatory approval to commence operations from a previous expansion of Kankakee's manufacturing operations, which added 140,000 square feet.

Source: CSL Behring

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